My name is Per. I’m a person who makes an effort to listen and has the privilege of time to reflect.

My professional efforts revolve around helping make tech products that contribute to well-being. Through teaching, coaching and leading design efforts, often in health care, I cultivate and support an ethical mindset in digital product development.

Random facts about me:

  • I’ve lived in Liberia, Saudi Arabia and Tanzania. I’ve moved 21 times in my life.
  • My family of four became a family of five when we adopted a French bulldog in 2016.
  • I’m an introvert who teaches workshops, speaks at conferences and co-hosts a podcast.
  • When disconnecting and recharging I like to go for rides on my motorcycle.
  • I wear an Avengers ring.

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My recent handbook on managing ethics in tech, Digital compassion, is available to order from Amazon in Kindle format.

It's a small book with a big message.

Digital Compassion handbook - cover

Software and services I recommend

Services I have chosen  carefully after many hours and money spent on evaluating different solutions. I favor small tech and privacy focus when possible. I hope they bring you as much value as they have me. 

  • Backblaze – Low-cost cloud backups for your data
  • Samba Live – Run online talks, workshops and meetings with breakout rooms
  • Jitsi – Open source platform for online meetings
  • MailerLite – Manage newsletters and landing pages!
  • Protonmail – Secure e-mail without ads (free accounts available)
  • Setapp – Subscribe to a multitude of useful Mac apps

Digital ethics links

I keep an updated list of bookmarks related to ethics in design and tech. You are welcome to browse and make use of it as you wish.

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